About Us

Women & Advocates MN, or WANDA, is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization of experienced and novice activists who came together in late 2016 with a mission to build a coalition of organizations across the state of MN focused on the promotion of equality and social, racial, environmental and economic justice policies that affect women from all walks of life.

Our primary objective is for activists at all levels of experience to learn, find their niche organization(s) and create an interwoven web of activist communities all over Minnesota so all of us benefit from the synergy of our numbers.


  • To build a coalition of individuals & organizations across the state.
  • To  support local & national legislation that focuses on decreasing disparity & promoting inclusivity for all women & underrepresented peoples.
  • To empower underrepresented women & advocates to positions of leadership within the coalition and in local, state, & national government.
  • To promote action for positive social & political change by educating & disseminating issue based information & stories statewide.


  • Decrease disparities & support inclusion
  • Women’s Rights as Human Rights
  • Empowerment of Women & Underrepresented Peoples
  • Social, Racial, Environmental & Economic Justice
  • Engagement & Relationships Built on Trust, Safety & Security


  • Link Women & Advocates with information, education, & community to maximize their potential to effect change
  • Improve the socioeconomic trajectory of Women & Underrepresented Peoples
  • Strengthen the voices of our communities & organizations by galvanizing support in numbers & political involvement
  • Challenge & change the systems that harm Women & Underrepresented Peoples