Women & Advocates MN, or WANDA, is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization of activists who came together in December 2016 who are working to build a coalition of organizations across the state focused on the promotion of equality and social, racial, environmental and economic justice policy that affects women from all walks of life.

We are raising money to hold a conference this spring, May 6th and 7th, that will provide an opportunity for activists at all levels of experience to learn, find their niche organization(s) and to create an interwoven web of activist communities all over Minnesota so we can all benefit from the synergy of our numbers.

The 2-day conference will be accessible to all with a sliding fee scale. We are expecting 500 or more, women and advocates to attend, beginning with a keynote on Saturday morning and beak-out sessions for activist and advocate tracks focusing on: activism vs. advocacy, intersectionality, racial & social justice, women’s & gender rights, economic justice, immigration, environment, self-care for activists, etc.


  • To build a coalition of individuals and organizations across the state of MN and beyond.
  • To  support local and national legislation that focuses on decreasing disparity and promoting inclusivity for all women and underrepresented peoples.
  • To empower underrepresented women and advocates to positions of leadership within the coalition and in local, state, and national government.
  • To promote action for positive social and political change by educating and disseminating issue based information and stories statewide.

Here are 5 ways YOU can contribute to making the difference:

  2. MATCH your donation by May 6th, 2017  (by seeing if your company has matched funding and support us)!
  3. SHARE this GENEROSITY link via social media
  4. FOLLOW us on Facebook: @MNWanda, Instagram: @MN_Wanda and Twitter @MN_Wanda
  5. ATTEND WANDA Spring Conference

Your donation will help cover the costs of:

  • Food
  • Venue
  • Supplies
  • Equipment
  • Documentation (photos + video)
  • Musicians
  • Reception